Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nutrition time

                     Alright everyone, so here's where we break it down. Now when it comes to food these are the top things you should add or have everyday in your eating program when doing these workouts. Eggs, grapefruit, Quinoa, Swiss chard, garlic, Avacado, almonds, bell peppers, Apples and good old Greek yogurt. So the first one Eggs, why eggs you say, eggs hold 6.3 grams of nice high quality protein and a whole bunch of nutrients. By eating eggs for breakfast it gives you a good amount of energy for your workouts. If you eat at least 4 to 5 eggs a week your also more likely to lower your cholesterol levels which is pretty damn amazing. So Eggs is a must. And for you guys that don't eat any animal pruducts tofu is just as good. Reason why, Tofu gives you a good 48 grams of punch. Also providing you with 184% of manganese. Manganese strengthens your bones, and helps with metabolism, cholesterol and amino acids.
                     Moving on to Grapefruit, by eating grapefruit puts a decrease in your insulin levels, showing that your body has improved the ability of metabolizing sugar more efficiently. It also has an antioxidant Lycopene  thats helps fight cancer. Also adding this to your smoothie or protein shake adds a little boost of taste and energy. 
                     Now Quinoa, what can I say. So healthy for you its ridiculous. Its an amazing carbohydrate. Quinoa is a complex carbohydrate meaning it digest in your body slower leaving you feeling full longer. Quinoa has so much Fiber and protein compared to any other grain. Quinoa has a high amount of amino acids. Its also has a great impact on your blood sugar. And if you don't like quinoa you can try eating good old oats.
                     Now bringing in the greens. Now for all of you reading this this is one of the most important things on my list. Greens, greens, and more greens. Try incorporating greens to every meal and almost making it your main dish. Meaning like say I made a pasta. All you need is a hand full and the rest greens. Pretty much your plate should be very colorful. So the reason I say swiss chard out of all of them for having everyday is because is gives you about 16 different vitamin intakes which is pretty awesome coming from one veggie. Vitamins you even miss through your day which you might not even know about. Its gives close to 700 to 750 % of bone strengthening intake Vitamin K and about 215 percent of Vitamin A Which helps fight against cancer and bolster vision. Also Vitamin E the Big one that helps with Brain acuity. Right up in the list of green for me also is good old spinach, and romaine lettuce.
                    Garlic of bad breath but good for health ,yeah! Very easy why its good Allicin, it's antibacterial and antifungal compound. Its good for fighting cancer , and strengthens your cardiovascular system and it gets rid of that stubborn fat storage. You can put it almost with every dish its pretty awesome!
                    Avacado is so damn delicious well for me it is and so good for you. Has a great amount of protein and healthy fat which is called monounsaturates. Its a fat that can lower the risk of having a stroke or heart disease. Seriously you should try adding this to you diet or eating lifestyle.
                    One of my favorites is nuts specifically almonds.Almonds give a good amount of protein, oleic acid which helps with memory. Just having a little of this helps also with muscle build. This is what help honestly get more lean. Adding this to your salads, or bringing it in a bag with you as a snack would honestly help you a lot with staying satisfied. Trust me it helped me a lot.
                     My favorite fruit snack Apples. Have at least 1 to 2 daily. They're an awesome way of building energy before a good work. Really, they give you more energy then coffee. The only difference is that coffee is an instant hit as opposed to an apple its about 30 minutes. Which is perfect because you should eat something prior to your work out. So please throw apples in there with your food lifestyle change. Having coffee is not bad actually if you want a quick fix. if your short in time for your work out.
                   Bell Peppers are an awesome way of getting antioxidants. They help with immune function, better communication between cells, and also helps against sun uvb, which is crazy huh. Also try getting spicy peppers which  are heavily loaded with carotenoids and Vitamin C. They also have Capsaicin, its a increase in phytochemicals that helps with headaches and arthritis, and sky rockets your metabolism!    
                   As for the last thing Greek yogurt. Very helpful for feeling full. Its has a great amount of protein and also whey for building muscle and muscle re-pare. There you have it, the main things you should have through out your day. Make sure to eat from  6 to 7 times a day never keeping yourself hungry. Keeping your self hungry lead to no loss of fat and builds stress fat that clings on to your belly. So make sure to eat up and teaching yourself to know when to stop eating. Fill yourself up with greens and fruits and good protein. Your gonna need it for these workouts I promise! Happy eating everyone!

Mike "MKF Fitness"

Warm-up session before work out!

Hey This is Mike and I just wanted to introduce you all to my fitness program. My work outs are all about losing fat and building lean muscle and strength by doing super explosive circuit intervals. You see with my workouts you will boost up your metabolism by increased heart rate pressure from explosive workouts making your metabolism work faster for 48 hours of constant burning. With my work outs you shall drop stubborn fat from such places as your belly and thighs. The two biggest areas people have problems with. For those of you that don't know some people feel that by lowering there food intake will drop there belly which is very wrong. You need to eat and not just eat but eat the right stuff which you will see in my nutrition area of my blog. Eating the right amount and doing the right workouts will burn all those stubborn fats. So with these explosive and intense workouts it will put your body in check. Confusing them, pretty much making your muscle wake up and get oxygen. Also once your metabolism increases you won't have to worry so much about what you eat but still eating a satisfying amount not a I'm so full amount. So with these work outs your stress level will actually change as well. You'll gain confidence, extra energy, happiness, and a great body. This is just a brief summary of what I'm about and my workouts are about. I promise that I won't give up on anyone and anyone that's training at home by watching this. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your workouts.

Mike "MKF fitness"