Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoes For these work outs I personally love

What's up everyone. So the reason i'm bringing this up is because I get this question a lot. What shoes are good for your type of work out? For me I stand by the Nike free Tr1 and the Nike free Tr2. Reason behind this reason is because these shoes supply you with stability all around. On the sides and front and back. Good for jumping, running, out door terrain and indoor terrain. At the same time they are very comfortable and stay like that the more you wear them. The cost of them are 85 dollars. For me I absolutely love them. Everyone has a different shoe preference, but if you are gonna be doing my work outs please find shoes with all around stability! This is just a way to get you started the right way! Alright ya'll have a good work out this morning! Go get em!

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